Friday, September 01, 2006

Unicorns, Leprechauns to Lebanon

Along with "A strong European presence":

in the south, serious U.S. training and equipment for the Lebanese army, and relentless pressure at the U.N....

And there will be fuzzy bunnies everywhere.

Before I started writing this, I was having difficulty imagining "strong" modifying "European presence." Then I remembered this. Although, I doubt those exercising their strength in Europe would consider themselves "European," so back to square one.

(Via an incredulous PowerLine blog.)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mutant Blogging Powers Explained

Douglas Farah reveals that Iran is buying uranium from the mines

that allowed the United States to build its first atomic bombs used against Japan in 1995."

1995 was my first year in Japan, and even I didn't know about that. After those first ones, how many did we use against Japan in 1995? Although, this explains the gills and levitation abilities...

UPDATE: He already corrected it before I even got this post out. Darn, snark chance lost.

(Via Counterterrorism Blog.)

Monday, July 31, 2006

Emperor's New Trudge

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Middle East War in Morally Clear Nugget

Heard this morning on Dennis Prager's show from a caller who heard it on a competitor's program:

"If Hamas and Hizbullah disarmed, the war would stop tomorrow.
If Israel disarmed, the Jews of Israel would be dead tomorrow."

True enough, except that including the entire list of terrorist organizations and enemies of the Jewish people and Israel would sadly spoil the pithiness.

Critic Not Clear On Concept-ion

As part of an exposé of the antisemitism of the New York Times, Ed Lasky at The American Thinker found this little gem:

Times film critic Stephen Holden "informed his readers that Orthodox Jews have a ‘fear and loathing of sex’ and that their women are ‘little more than baby making machines.’"
So does he think the Orthodox are amoebas, or androids?

(Via Michelle Malkin at Hot Air.)

First, Second Rate Annans Schooled

By Professor Rice, Remedial Reality 101:

Rice to discuss ME with Annan, Solana: "UN Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown said Rice's trip is meant to 'get everybody on the same page about the facts of what's happening in this very confusing situation.' "

Page 1:
  1. Evil people hate Jews and God.
  2. Evil people attack Jews and other God-fearing people.
  3. Jews and other God-fearing people kill evil people; good people rejoice, relax, grow lazy.
  4. Return to step 1., repeat until Messiah comes.

Still confused?

EU-bermensch Returns

Look! It's a dodo! It's a zeppelin! No, it's Europe-man: "Like a second-rate Kofi [Annan] he travels the world spreading the message of European superiority, feted by governments desperate for European money, a reinvented relic of Europe's colonial past, from the only European country still to possess a colony in the Arab world."

That's one sweet epithet.

(Via The Free West.)

Great Moments in Religion-Crushing Recalled

There was this disturbing quote on Israellycool:

"According to a senior IDF source, crushing Hizbullah is not feasible since 'it is impossible to crush a popular, religious movement.'"

Before jumping to that conclusion, let's think about that. Off the top of my head:

  • Cult of Baal (and Molech, Asherah, etc.) in ancient Israel? Crushed!
  • Mayanism? Incan worship? Aztecs? Crushed!
  • Emperor worship in Imperial Japan? Crushed!
  • And, everybody's favorite, Branch Davidianism? Not just crushed, but Janet Renoed!!!

Maybe this general should read a MacArthur biography or something. If he doesn't cowboy up in a hurry, we should call Chuck Norris on him.

(Via Israellycool.)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nit Picked

Washington Times report confirms Israel capable of air strike on Iran, which is excellent news. But there is this interesting quote:

"Tel Aviv has ratcheted up the volume in attacking the hard-line Islamic regime as it fights the Iranian-backed Hezbollah in southern Lebanon."

Is that an impressively wrong typo for Jerusalem, i.e. an anthropomorphism of the capital representing the country's government? Or is that city in particular gung-ho for victory? Hopefully, this signifies the latter, but I'm afraid the real answer is the former. I hope Mr. Scarborough's other facts aren't also an hour's drive from the truth.

(Via Power Line.)

Iranian FM Fleeing

from whom?:

"Report indicates that the Iranian FM will be sent to Damascus (i.e. hasn't been sent yet) for his own protection.

  That is interesting, because it would then seem like Iran believes they are a more likely Israeli target than Syria."

Dave thinks Israel, but could he be afraid of warnings from "a number of European nations"? Or are Gorilla Boy and the Mullahs having a "meltdown", so to speak, over the progress of this proxy war, and looking for some banana to peel?