Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mellel - Excellent Word Processor

Mellel is a word processor from RedleX. This is the first one I've been able to use happily on Mac OS X, and the only one on any OS other than Gobe Productive for Zeta/ BeOS. Might do a detailed review later, but go download it and try it out for yourself if you need such a program. Favorite features:
  • Cocoa-based so some Emacs keybindings work
  • Designed for mixed languages
  • Hebrew-localized GUI
  • Ability to choose Aqua or brushed-metal appearance
  • The functions I've needed have been where I looked for them first, more often than not.
In high school, I used WordPerfect 5 and 6 on DOS. Friends in college occasionally let me borrow their computers to write essays and introduced me to Microsoft Word, but it never worked out very well. After that first year, I mostly used VIM or Emacs and LaTeX on the Solaris machines in the computer science lab. Gobe on BeOS was the most intuitive application I'd found, but now that my work involves mixing Hebrew, Chinese, and Japanese, and I don't have a Zeta or BeOS computer at work, I looked for something new, and Mellel works wonderfully.


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