Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oooh, that hurts!

Boy, the criticism leveled at the President has reached harsh new depths. He is asking Congress for the line-item veto, theoretically to eliminate wasteful spending. According to KFI's news report, "critics say that the President is just trying to garner support from conservatives upset by excessive government spending."


In sports news, critics are lambasting the Miami Heat for shooting baskets and interfering with similar attempts by the Dallas Mavericks players as part of a cynical, hypocritical plot to "garner support from basketball fans in Miami."

At least President Bush isn't deploying the U.S. Armed Forces to kill terrorists to "garner support from Americans and Iraqis upset by beheadings, suicide bombing, 9/11, and other jihadist attempts at world domination." Who could withstand such withering accusations?


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