Friday, June 30, 2006

Unserious Negotiators Revealed

Hamas in Damascus: Israel not serious about negotiating | Jerusalem Post

Bet that accusation keeps the Israelis awake at night.

"Allahu akhbar! The depravity of those dogpig Jews that eat our children for passover has reached a new low. They are now negotiating with us in a manner that is less than serious!!"

"Curses upon them! How dare they! About what are those infidels negotiating so rudely, Sheikh? How they can leave the earth most swiftly, for the glory of Allah?"

"Not exactly..."

What could they say? How Israel is considering releasing terrorists as a reward for kidnapping Cpl. Shalit and murdering Eliyahu Asheri and possibly Noah Moskowitz? Along with Aussie Dave, I offer the families my condolences.

The less serious Israel is in negotiating with these monsters, the more serious about winning they are. Good news roundup here. Juicy quotes:

Haniyeh said Friday that he was in contact with Arab, Muslim and European leaders to try to resolve the crisis, "but this Israeli military escalation complicates matters and makes it more difficult." He also accused Israel of using Shalit's abduction as a pretext for launching a major offensive aimed at bringing down his government.
If only that were true!
"Israel is negotiating by fire," he said. "They're buying time until they can locate the soldier through intelligence and then try to free him."
Wonderful! Although, I'd hope that instead of just buying time, they kill the enemy and destroy the terrorist infrastructure, but I'm just demanding that way. Then with God's help may Cpl. Shalit return home safely and his kidnappers die.


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