Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel Criticized

...but from the right, for a change.

Captain's Quarters: "In this case, I believe the Israelis have made a strategic error. They need to use their resources to attack the root of the problem, or at least one of the two roots. Syria and Bashar Assad have much more influence over Hezbollah than Beirut, and taking the war to Damascus will have more possibility of deterring further attacks and raids than inflaming the Lebanese, who just started to get back on their feet in the aftermath of the Syrian withdrawal. They risk creating another enemy instead of eliminating the one that really matters."

I agree with Captain Ed, and am sad to see such understandable and natural reactions as Abu Kais's

The Israeli war machine is killing and maiming Lebanese children, destroying infrastructure and building up support for Hizbullah along the way.
Thanks to Michael J. Totten for his invaluable reports from Lebanon and elsewhere, and for spreading the word on Lebanese bloggers such as (the above-linked) From Beirut to the Beltway and Perpetual Refugee.

Here's to a successful war on the terror-masters in Syria, elimination of Hizbullah, Hamas, and all terrorists, and peace with a free, democratic Lebanon!

UPDATE: According to Power Line:
Our sources tell us that Israel does not intend to bring about a broader conflict by extending the present crisis to Syria or Iran. Rather, the plan is to retrieve the soldiers who have been taken prisoner in both Gaza and Lebanon, do some damage to the terrorists' ability to carry out rocket attacks from those bases, and return home. If that's right, and events don't take an unforeseen turn, the effect will most likely be that the long-term issues posed by Iran, Syria, the Iran-Syria alliance, and Iran and Syria's control over terrorist groups including Hamas and Hezbollah, will go unresolved.
Darn. Well, good luck with the rescue, then.

UPDATE 2: Herb Keinon asks:

why not hit the head of the snake, instead of fiddling around with the tail? For, in the final analysis, does Iran really care if Hamas or Hizbullah get clobbered?

And gives two reasons:

The first is that Israel wants to act where it feels it will have international legitimacy to do so, and presently this is in Lebanon - a sovereign country from which a party in its government launched an attack on another sovereign country.

The second reason is that Israel has no interest in an all out war with Iran, and is concerned about Iran's military capabilities.

Which is more naïve? Israel still holding out hope that the so-called "international community" will recognize the reality of the situation and thus the legitimacy of their response, or the left who blind themselves to inconvenient truths and insist upon blaming Israel for all the problems in the area?

Ynetnews: "IDF officials estimated that the missile fired by Hizbullah to Haifa on Thursday evening was made in Iran. "

Via Israellycool:

are we going to go after Iran? I'm guessing no.


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