Friday, July 14, 2006

Israeli Shoes Borrowed

Hugh Hewitt interviewing James Lileks:

"HH: Can you imagine rockets falling on Seattle and San Diego?

JL: No.

HH: From Canada and Mexico?

JL: No, I can't. I can't imagine calling a relative in the Pacific Northwest, and they're in the basement, in a shelter which they constructed long ago for this very purpose. I can't imagine living like that, or expecting Americans to live like that.

HH: Or expecting Israelis to put up with it for much longer."

(Via Radio Blogger.)

We live about 5 miles from Mexico, and as I type this, I am about 100 yards from Mexico. All the missiles that have been raining down upon Sderot, Ashkelon, etc. from Gaza, and in the North from Hizbullah, could easily hit here.

Haifa is the center of technology, and the third largest city in Israel. So, it resembles Chicago and the Silicon Valley combined in those regards.

Let's combine all these parallels into one scenario. Terrorists from Mexico sneak across the border, kidnap sailors from San Diego's Naval Base, and kill some others. They retreat back across the border and launch missiles. Then they attack civilians in San Diego (or Chicago, San Jose, etc.) What would the "proportionate response" be for the United States?

But most people can't imagine an equivalent situation in Mexico to the infestation of Hizbullah in Southern Lebanon. Thank God we don't have to think about it. For that, we owe a debt to Mexico's voters. According to my coworkers from Mexico, the leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is no Chavez, but is more like Evo Morales. They both are "vocal admirers, and benefit from the largesse of" Chavez.

According to Frank Gaffney, the implications of an Obrador victory could have been

far-reaching for the integrity of our southern frontier, illegal immigration, drug-trafficking, terrorism, trade and the radical "reconquista" movement (which is intent on "taking back" at least parts of the United States for Mexico).
Chavez has been getting closer to Iran, so Obrador would likely have followed suit. At the risk of Reuters' scorn for dumping on their favorite sitcom, what would prevent a leftist Mexico from hosting Iran, Hizbullah, etc., and pulling a stunt like this? Or bringing in Chinese or Iranian or North Korean nukes?

The apparent answers are:

  1. Liberty-minded Mexican voters in a clean election
  2. Strong United States that would ignore the worldwide condemnation for responding to these acts of war
Thank God that the first one happened, so the second doesn't need to be tested. Now, let's hope that Israel destroys Hizbullah once-and-for-all.


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