Saturday, July 15, 2006

Quiz: Felix Unger or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

I can't do a Separated at Birth like Aussie Dave, but Reuters evidently thinks there should be one: Iran and Venezuela team up as anti-US "odd couple"

Because, you know, they are a barrel of laughs. Or actually, several million barrels. Only the humorless "Right-wing media" with their "fanciful conspiracy theories" could be alarmed by these guys.

"At first glance, Chavez and his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seem to be like-minded partners: two ex-military OPEC price hawks who are lavishing their petrodollars on the poor majority long neglected by their countries' rich elites."

Except for the longish vocabulary words that no public school in California would teach, this sounds like the kind of leftist helping of garbage that any elementary schooler would soon learn to regurgitate for accolades.

Let's look at the case of Gorilla Boy. The mullahcracy that chose him have been running Iran (into the ground) for almost 30 years. So who are these "rich elites" that have "long neglected" the "poor majority"? The same Revolutionary Guard that he represents? Khamenei? Or does he deny their long rule as further flights of fancy by right-wing clowns like myself, while insisting the real ruler of Iran is, obviously, EEEEEEEVIL CAPITALIST PIGS? That would at least be an original crackpot conspiracy theory. More likely, the author, like so many others on the left, can't seem to get that mental calendar to turn past 1974: Nixon's always president, Vietnam is still mired in quag, the Shah of Iran is an awful capitalist oppressor of the teeming masses, and... "The Odd Couple" is on TV each week.

He goes on:

Beyond the economics, Chavez and Ahmadinejad look like strange bedfellows.
[Half an hour under the rubble of a stone wall tends to do that to bedfellows' appearance, but I digress.]
"All they seem to have in common is a visceral hatred of the United States," said Ali Ansari, Iran expert at Scotland's St Andrews University. "There is no real emotional tie, if Chavez were a Muslim that would make life a lot easier.

Whew, really dodged a bullet there! Thank goodness it's just an intellectual, logical, visceral hatred of the United States, perfectly understandable; not enough to form an alliance on. Same thing with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Glad he couldn't work too well with Hitler based solely on visceral Jew-hatred, since Hitler didn't convert to Islam.

And naturally Shiite Iran can't work with Sunni Hamas, so that's another load off. Imagine if they really were working together and acting on this hatred! That could interfere with one's sitcom-viewing schedule. I'll go get the Zima, you fire up TV Land! Good times, good times...


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Americans obsessed with both guys...

I'd love to get your opinions on this:

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